Guaranteed Anti Boring, Here are Recommendations for Fun Activities with Friends

Being able to do fun activities with friends is certainly a fun thing, especially with friends who have rarely met because of their busy schedules and activities. It is not uncommon for planned appointments to fail due to various unavoidable reasons. So when we find the right time, we want to make the most of our time together to create beautiful moments.

However, have you ever felt confused about what to do when you’re hanging out with friends? No need to be confused anymore, here are recommendations for fun activities that you can try with friends

  1. Karaoke

If you love to sing, karaoke is the perfect choice to have fun with friends. Did you know, besides being beneficial for mental health, karaoke is also beneficial for physical health. Quoted from Liputan6, the concentration of secretory immunoglobulin A or protein in the body’s immune system for antibodies will increase significantly when we sing. No need to be good at singing, everyone can participate in this activity.

Karaoke with friends

  1. Sports

This one activity is one of the favourite choices of many people, because it can be done anywhere and anytime. You can choose from jogging, cycling, yoga classes, and many more. You will also be more motivated if you exercise with friends than when exercising alone. You get the fun, you get the health too.

  1. Go to a Festival

There are many festivals that you and your friends can visit during your free time, from food festivals, music festivals, to book festivals. You can check and choose what festivals are around you and enjoy the moment with your best friend!

  1. Picnic

Tired of eating at restaurants or watching movies at the cinema? A picnic in the park can be an alternative activity for you to enjoy your time with friends. It doesn’t need to be expensive, you just need to prepare a cloth, drinks and food or snacks. You can also bring toys like cards or jenga for you to play together. Don’t forget to post photos with your best friends during the picnic!

Picnic with friends

  1. Join Volunteer

Want to gain experience for your future career with your best friend? Volunteering is the answer! Apart from gaining experience and improving your social skills, by joining volunteer activities you can also add a network of friends with other volunteers. These volunteer activities also vary in terms of activities and duration, so you can choose which one suits you and your best friend’s schedule.

  1. Cook

Lazy to leave the house? Try cooking with your best friend! Besides being fun, you can also hone your skills and creativity in cooking. You can also be creative in cooking using MamaKoKo coconut milk with the recipe here.

So do you know what to do with your best friend on holiday? What is certain is that exciting activities with friends can create beautiful memorable moments, especially if you rarely meet. Don’t forget to stay healthy and happy always!

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