PT NICO Celebrates Christmas by Sharing Happiness with the Surrounding Community

PT Natural Indococonut Organik (NICO) Tobelo, has successfully organized the 2023 Christmas celebration on Saturday (9/12). Located next to Finish Good, this event was PT NICO’s first Christmas celebration held together with local residents, after previously only being held together with employees.

The verse “Glory to God and Peace on Earth” from Luke 2:14 was chosen as the theme for this year’s Christmas celebration. As for the sub-theme “With Christmas Celebration, We Increase Brotherhood and Togetherness Between Fellow Employees and Realize Love in Responding to Today’s Challenges” was inspired by the desire of PT NICO management to increase brotherhood and togetherness with the surrounding community from the villages of South Kupa-Kupa and Kupa-Kupa for the presence of the PT NICO factory.

The event began with a Christmas service led by Pastor Elvira Moses, S.AG accompanied by performances from residents around the industrial circle, from parents to young people. This Christmas celebration was also welcomed by local residents, as seen from the number of congregants who attended, which was around 2000 people. In addition to residents around the industrial area, this year’s Christmas celebration was also attended by the Secretary of North Halmahera, E.J. Papilaya and the Head of the Kupa-Kupa Village Congregation, Yafet Hayangua, S.TH who also gave remarks at this event.

In addition to the Christmas service, the event was also continued with the provision of gifts to 25 widowed mothers scattered in the industrial environment as part of PT NICO’s gratitude that the factory has now begun to enter the stage of testing machines for the production process.

With the implementation of this Christmas celebration, it is hoped that it can be a forum to establish a closer relationship between the community and PT NICO, and have a positive impact on the sustainability of the lives of residents around the industrial environment. It is planned that in January 2024, the factory will also be blessed by the Bishop of Amboina, Mgr. Seno Ngutra.

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