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CocoClub comes from the words “Coco” and “Club” which literally means a club of coconut lovers. CocoClub represents young people who like to get together, seeking fun in every activity.

CocoClub is made from selected coconut water with the best pieces of nata de coco, resulting in a delicious coconut water drink that can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime to accompany all your activities.

CocoClub is processed in a modern way without added preservatives and is HALAL certified. Available in 250ml cans, making CocoClub cool faster, and more delicious to consume.

Why choose Coco Club?

Fresh coconut water

Deliciously chewy nata de coco!

Packed in cans, for cooler and more delicious flavor

Halal Certified

No preservatives added

With Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

Practical, ready to drink

Affordable price

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Hidden Gem CocoClub at PRJ

When you’re tired of traveling around PRJ and meet the CocoClub booth, you feel like you’ve found a hidden gem! 🤩 The fresh coconut water makes you excited again to go around PRJ 😆 

ASMR Drinking CocoClub

As an active young person, CocoClub is perfect as a drink to restore freshness after a day of activities! Practical packaging and made from selected coconut water and additional nata de coco can certainly revive the spirit of CocoClubby after a day of activities!

Fun Road Trip with Friends

Anti bad mood on the road trip with your bestie with CocoClub! 🚗 So don’t forget to always stock CocoClub in the car during road trips so that the trip becomes more fun! ✨

Healing with CocoClub

If you feel tired, don’t forget healing, CocoClubby! 😉

Do you usually like healing at the beach or mountain with your bestie? Wherever it is, don’t forget to always bring CocoClub to make your healing time more exciting ✨

CocoClub Fresh, Fun and Delicious

Not only is it refreshing, Cococlub also has many benefits for your health! 🌴

Made from 100% pure coconut water complete with yummy Nata de Coco, you really have to try it before starting your daily activities!

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Frequently asked questions about CocoClub

CocoClub is coconut water from Indonesia that has many advantages, such as:

  • Its fresh taste with the addition of chewy Nata de Coco can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • Made from preservative-free selected coconuts
  • CocoClub’s practical and sterile packaging is easy to carry anywhere
  • CocoClub packaged coconut water drinks can also be enjoyed in all situations, served cold will feel more delicious.
  • The content of coconut water and Nata de Coco provides a myriad of health benefits. Healthy body activities go on.

CocoClub is made from selected coconut water with added nata de coco and is produced in a modern way without added preservatives.

In addition, CocoClub coconut water packaged in 250 ml cans has been registered and has a Halal certificate from BPJPH number ID00410001295990622. Not only halal, Cococlub has also obtained a distribution permit from BPOM Indonesia.

Now you can experience the freshness of coconut water mixed with the chewiness of nata de coco in a can of CocoClub! Find CocoClub in the chiller area of your nearest Indomaret!

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