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The best products are born from the collaboration between efforts, sincerity, and state-of-the-art technology. Nico's products have gone through a process of selecting the best organic coconuts, continuous production supervision and the use of the latest technology, basically the industrial 4.0 automated system. Therefore, the highest nutritional content of coconut can be well preserved in NICO’s products. We are proud to provide products that improve our customer’s health and quality of life.

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    FAQ About Nico Products

    Virgin coconut oil is an oil that is freshly extracted from coconut kernels that produced without heat exposure. It uses a cold-pressed technique; where coconut kernels are pressed and extracted to separate the oil from the milky emulsion. Virgin coconut oil (VCO) also has high benefits for health because it contains a rich amount of lauric acid that can improve metabolism, and digestibility, increase body immunity, and help eliminate bacteria and viruses. 

    Virgin coconut oil is known for its purity because it is 100% natural and without undergoing chemical refining and no additives may be added to this oil. It is also known for its sweet and savory aroma, taste, and healthy fatty acids.  You can use it as cooking oil, as a raw material for beauty care, and also consume it directly as a super healthy nutritional intake source.

    PT Natural Indococonut Organik or NICO is a trusted organic virgin coconut oil supplier. We have several choices of models and packaging sizes that suit your needs.

    Difference between VCO and Non-RBD Coconut

    Unlike VCO, this cooking oil is made from the process of heating coconut milk for a long time. This extraction technique is still widely practiced in the manufacture of home-style coconut cooking oil. Non-RBD coconut oil chooses a brownish-yellow color and a very strong coconut aroma.

    Difference between VCO and RBD Coconut

    Oil RBD cooking oil is the most common cooking oil found in the market. This type of oil is obtained from the extraction of dry coconut (copra) and through the process of refining, blanching), and deodorization (removal of odors). From this process, coconut cooking oil is obtained which is transparent in color but does not have a distinctive coconut aroma.

    Research shows that virgin coconut oil has various health and beauty benefits such as:

    1. Type saturated fatty acids medium chain triglycerides which play a role in the calorie burning process to help lose weight
    2. The MCT content is proven to be more easily absorbed by the body as a source of energy
    3. Has a component called lauric acid which is anti-bacterial
    4. Able to moisturize dry skin and reduce symptoms of atopic dermatitis
    5. Strengthens hair roots and reduces hair loss
    6. MCT content has the potential to help fight Alzheimer’s symptoms
    7. A source of antioxidants that are beneficial for healthy skin, body, brain, and heart.

    As an organic virgin coconut oil supplier, NICO is committed to providing quality coconut processed products. Our virgin coconut oil is made from coconut meat which is extracted using a cold method process that does not involve a heating process and does not use any treatment (non-RBD).

    The result is coconut cooking oil that is smooth, soft, has a distinctive coconut aroma, and is definitely not hydrogenated and trans-fat for your satisfaction.

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