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Mother as a figure plays an important role in the family, especially for the children. Oftentimes, Mothers tend to be “the coordinator” in caring for their family’s healthy life. Ensuring the children’s health is the most important duty as a mother.

Mothers know best when it comes to the family’s needs and would do just about anything to provide the best for their family.

The name “MamaKoKo”, derived from the term “mother of coconut”, symbolizes the character of a mother, willing to do anything to ensure that the needs and welfare of her family are met.

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Just like all mothers would, MamaKoKo is committed to prioritizing product quality. On top of that, MamaKoKo also ensures that its products are made from selected coconut meat to produce coconut cream with a delicious flavour, texture and aroma. MamaKoKo coconut cream is fragrant, savory, and contains no flavor enhancers or preservatives. MamaKoKo coconut cream has passed the UHT sterilization process, so it can be used without needing to be cooked first, and is halal certified.

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Some frequently asked questions about MamaKoKo's coconut cream

MamaKoKo coconut cream is made from grated coconut meat which is added to water before being squeezed and filtered. Before being packaged, MamaKoKo coconut cream is sterilized using the Ultra High Temperature (UHT) method at a temperature of 141 – 144 degrees Celsius for 4 seconds. The sterilization process with the UHT method aims to kill pathogenic bacteria so that the coconut cream produced becomes sterile. After going through the sterilisation process, MamaKoKo coconut cream is packed in tetrapak packaging to maintain the quality of the coconut cream.

MamaKoKo coconut cream is here to answer the problem of busy Mom. Now Mom doesn’t have to bother grating, squeezing to process the coconut into quality coconut cream. MamaKoKo coconut cream uses selected coconuts and is processed with UHT sterilization to produce creamy, fragrant and tasty coconut cream. MamaKoKo coconut cream can be used immediately and processed into dishes to be enjoyed with the family.

  • Practical: No need to bother to process coconut and clean up the equipment, now Mama can get quality coconut cream in MamaKoKo packaging. Just take MamaKoko, shake it and then cut the packaging to pour it into the dishes that Mama is cooking.
  • Preserved Content: Packaged using aseptic packaging makes the shelf life of MamaKoKo coconut cream longer without losing its natural flavor and texture.

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